Principal's Message

Building schools for the future represent an ambitious, unique, once-in-a-difference opportunity to provide services for children, young people, and the wider community that will guarantee that in engaging and dynamic set of new educational experience. It is vitally important we do not miss the real opportunity to transform education in doing so, and that we seize the opportunity to innovate and drive forward learning experience in keeping with the needs of the wider society, we have faced in our local communities and challenges. In this sense, we have the opportunity to design not only new buildings but also new systems, relationships and network for learning. To embed a new approach to learning and its organization through personalization, the politics call for significant systemic change and humble philosophy of education that we have attempted to provide holistic education to every single child in our school.

Dress Code

Our school’s dress code isn’t just about how students look. It’s about how students behave and achieve. Proper attire is the first step in creating a classroom environment that provides a laser focus on instruction, not fashion. Students, parents, and staff continue to share stories of the benefits of the dress code- from spending less money on clothing to enjoying stress-free mornings when preparing for school students are to be dressed in appropriate attire beginning the first day of the school year.

Parents Teachers

The school supports and encourages an on-going partnership between the school, parents, and management in a secular environment.

The school regularly seeks parental co-operation and assistance through the Parent-Teacher Association(PTA) thereby promoting a closer relationship between home and the school. There are separate Associations fort he Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary sections, elected annually according to norms laid down by the State Education Department. PTA members support the school as mentioned below:

  • Reviewing the school’s progress through Parent Development Meetings (PDMs).
  • Supporting effective communication between the school and parents.
  • Supporting the School’s various activities and initiatives e.g. organizing social events for students.

The Parent-Teacher Association(PTA) and our orientation programmes give parents and students an opportunity to interact, provide feedback and exchange ideas with the school management. The school encourages parents to be involved in the social and emotional development of their child. The focus lies in developing parents as partners, who actively contribute to the effective functioning of the school.



An application form can be downloaded from our website and sent to our school, whereupon the student's name will be registered for admission. Kindly note that registering the name of a child does not ensure a place in the school depends upon their final exam result. Our registrar will be pleased to assist you with your inquiries and may be contacted earliest.